Now in New Zealand!

CoolCabanas - the Worlds Best Beach Shelters. Light and easy to carry, just 1 centre pole makes them easy to setup and with 16kg of sand anchoring it down it won't fly away.


First we asked "WHY?" - Why should people put up with beach umbrellas blowing away? Why sit inside tiny hot stuffy popup "beach saunas"? And why do people struggle when folding or setting up beach shelters? Then we set about designing the perfect beach shelter.

And now we're available in NZ.

"During the summer I go to the beach at least 3 times each week, my Cool-Cabana is great and when the wind comes up, it IS the last one standing" Lisa - mother of 4, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.

"We're happy to promote them to all club members as they won't blow along the beach and they're sunsmart" David - Surf Lifesaving Club President, Queensland Australia.

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